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Research on the forefront at Peninsula Health

Professor Velandai Srikanth, Dr Nigel Broughton, Professor Helena Teede, Ms Sue Williams, Mr Naim Melhem, Dr Tim Williams, Professor John Botha, Ms Nancy Hogan and Professor Henry Ekert.

Peninsula Health’s Chair, Ms Nancy Hogan, has highlighted a new partnership with Monash University and the appointment of the first Professor of Medicine as significant steps forward for the organisation at the start of Research Week at Frankston Hospital.

“We aim to become the premiere academic and health research facility on the Mornington Peninsula,” said Ms Hogan, at the opening address in the Academic Centre on 14 November.

Peninsula Health’s Director of Research, Professor John Botha, outlined a number of current and completed research projects, which included bronchial thermoplasty surgery as a breakthrough treatment for severe asthma, the effects of alcohol and other drug (AOD) use in the Frankston Train Station precinct, and looking at ‘in hospital falls’ to examine if sedatives and anticholinergics are significant contributing factors in falls for elderly patients.

Professor of Medicine, Velandai Srikanth, acknowledged the strong research culture which already exists at Peninsula Health, and said he hopes to generate a number of new research initiatives in the coming months and years.

“The Mornington Peninsula has unique healthcare needs – an ageing population, chronic disease and in some areas health problems relating to disadvantage. These are areas we can get involved in and potentially lead the country,” said Professor Srikanth.

Professor Srikanth also emphasised the importance of collaboration in research, with the community, and different disciplines and organisations working together.

Peninsula Health has also recently joined Monash Partners, an innovative health industry, research and education collaboration, which sees public and private clinical care providers join with Monash University, and three of the country’s health research institutes, to create an organisation of national and global reach.

The Executive Director of Monash Partners, Professor Helena Teede, said joining the AHSC (Academic Health Science Centre) at Monash Partners will present many outstanding opportunities for Peninsula Health, as its research is focussed on what the community and clinical practice needs are in everyday terms.

“It is clinically and community led, rather than academically led,” said Professor Teede.

“If we have a clear vision – that is better health care for our community – then we will be able to work together to make an impact.”

Peninsula Health’s new Academic Centre, in partnership with Monash University, is in the planning phase, with construction expected to start at Frankston Hospital in 2018.

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