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The final chapter of my grad year

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Once again the grads have hit the road running as we commence our final rotation. It feels like we’ve only just caught our breath and all of a sudden our feathers have once again been ruffled as we embark on the final chapter of our grad year.

But before elaborating too much on the journey ahead, I want to look back on the last four months and say a big thank you to my fellow colleagues of 5FS!

As I mentioned in my last post, oncology nursing has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl and to finally have the opportunity to be living out that dream has been absolutely out of this world.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on 5FS and couldn’t have asked for a more supportive team to guide me through my novice days as an oncology/haematology nurse. Thank you for imparting all your wisdom and knowledge to me. Thank you for making me laugh when I shed a tear (or two). And most of all, thank you for your friendship. And of course, to my fellow 5FS grads – all the best on your final rotations ladies!

But for now I must wave goodbye to Frankston Hospital & cruise on over to Peninsula Health’s Golf Links Road Campus. It is here, tucked behind the rehabilitation units, that you will find our humble little 15 bed Palliative Care Unit – my home for the last four months of my grad year

During my time here I expect to be faced with many difficult challenges, however I am excited by what I can learn and take from those challenges as the skills I learn here will be transferrable across any area of my nursing practice.  

I’m only two weeks in, but already feeling part of the team. The staff are beyond supportive of one another as well as our patients and their families. With that being said, in a short space of time I can see there are many misconceptions about Palliative Care within the community. Consequently, I am hopeful that throughout my time here I can shed some light on the fantastic and crucial work Peninsula Health’s Palliative Care team provide.

Stay tuned as next time you hear from me I’ll try and demystify some common myths falsely believed about Palliative Care!

Until then,