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The job hunt…

So I’d decided that the public health system was where I planned to begin my career. The question left remaining was where was I going to work?

I wanted to find a job where I could work across acute, outpatient and rehabilitation settings in both paediatric and adult populations. Peninsula Health was one of the few health networks that offered this to physiotherapy graduates. Due to the huge volume of students graduating and looking for a job, it is an extremely competitive time of year. With this in mind I worked tirelessly on my cover letter and CV to make sure it included all elements that would assist me in securing a job with Peninsula Health. I thought the interview went well, but I knew that there would have been a large number of applications, both new graduates and Grade 1 physiotherapists for the position.

It is amazing how fast news travels. Physiotherapy is a small world and I’d heard on the ‘grapevine’ that Peninsula Health had already offered jobs, but I hadn’t been contacted. My heart sank as I thought my interview, CV and placement marks would have been enough to secure a position. It is times like these that you need to be resilient! So, I decided not to give up. It was 5.15pmwhen I made the call to Peninsula Health to find out if what I had heard on ‘grapevine’ was correct. Although the phone call wasn’t as successful as I had hoped, I continued to express my keen interest in the position and was told that there was a potential that more positions would open in the coming days.

It was at 11am the next day that my referee contacted me to say she’d given me a glowing reference (thank you) and a couple of hours later that day I was offered a job! I think the key message from my experience is to never give up. Just because you think you have missed out, it doesn’t mean you have.

The 11th of February 2013 was my first day, the day I had waited for with anticipation. I arrived at 8.00am and at 8.05am we hit the ground running – I’d already been given a patient caseload! At the end of the day when I finally got home, exhausted, I was looking forward to going to bed. However, little did I realise I would dream about my patients the entire night and only get 3 hours sleep!

My first week was a whirlwind of emotions, rushing around the wards like a crazy person figuring out who everyone was and where everything was kept. Thank heavens for the amazing Allied Health Assistants who steered me in the right direction on multiple occasions. From that week on, I knew this was going to be a very fast paced rotation.

Look out for the next instalment!

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