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Koori Kitchen Fires Up

Frankston resident, Rosina Woods has a love of cooking and a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle. That’s why she’s cooking up a storm at one of Frankston Community Health’s new programs, the Koori Community Kitchen.

According to 55 year old Rosina, her interest in joining the new program – which involves a group who meet weekly to cook healthy, nutritious meals – came from wanting to “learn how to cook different recipes.”

Having fond memories growing as the eldest of 12 children on Badu Island, in the Torres Strait Islands, cooking and traditional food was an important part of Rosina’s childhood. She speaks fondly of traditional foods, such as kangaroo, koala, rabbit, turtle and even dugong, which is also known as sea-cow. These types of traditional foods are generally higher in nutritional value than the standard Western diet.

Being diagnosed with diabetes in 2004 and having high blood cholesterol, meant that Rosina had to completely change her diet, completely cutting out salt and sugar in her meals. She now leads an active lifestyle, going on regular walks and attending weekly swimming classes.

But it’s the close connection with others in the Koori community, which is most important to Rosina. “I’m always a people person”. Being apart of this group, as she explains, is a great way to “get out of the house and be with my community.”

As Deon Davis, Frankston Community Health’s Team Leader of Koori Program explains, “Our new Koori Kitchen is about empowering our community and promoting a healthier well being. “The Koori Community Kitchen is a meeting place for members of the Koori Community and provides an opportunity to support these community members with their health and well being issues.”

The Kitchen is open to any Koori community member to meet and have a chat with other community members in a culturally friendly environment.

The Kitchen includes art & craft workshops. Local providers also attend and showcase products with samples, and guest speakers from various government agencies present information on local initiatives to the program’s participants.

“Our day is flexible and evolves around what the community wants to do on the day,” said Mr Davis.

The hours of the Koori Kitchen are from 10am until 3pm every Thursday at the Samuel Sherlock Hall, Quality Street in Frankston, which is near Chisholm TAFE.

For more information about the Koori Community Kitchen, or if you’d like to get involved, please contact Deon Davis on 9784 8367.