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Free clinic for local women

Peninsula Health is reaching out to women in the community.

It offers a free Women’s Health Clinic at Frankston Hospital available to women of all ages and staffed exclusively by women.

The clinic, which has been operating for the past seven years, provides extensive services in sexual and reproductive health. Services provided include preventative health screening, pregnancy testing, referral and advice, menopausal health issues and sexual and reproductive health issues.

“We understand that when it comes to their health, many women feel more comfortable dealing with other women,” said Dr Nicola Martin, the clinic’s General Practitioner.

Dr Martin has over 25 years of experience in women’s health. She is joined in the clinic by accredited Women’s Health Nurses, Cathy Halmarick and Sally Gates.

Both Cathy and Sally are midwives and accredited sexual and reproductive health nurses. Sally is also a maternal and child health nurse.

“Often women put the needs of their loved ones ahead of their own. By missing out on their regular health checks, they are potentially leaving themselves open to a greater risk of infection and diseases such as cervical cancer.

“In 2001, the Australia Bureau of Statistics reported that 65% of women in Australia had a Pap smear test at least once every two years. However, an alarming 11% reported they had never had one,” Dr Martin said.

“A pap smear, which we can perform at the clinic, can help detect the symptoms of cervical cancer and other sexually transmitted infections.”

“There are many other aspects of women’s health including menopausal, menstrual and contraception issues that may cause concerns for women across their life time. Advice and management of these issues are offered at the clinic in a friendly and relaxed way,” Dr Martin said.

The clinic is open every Monday from 9am – 12 midday. No referrals are necessary and all matters are discussed in strict confidentiality. Bookings can be made on 9784 2600 between 9am – 4pm Monday and Saturday and 12 – 4pm Tuesday – Friday.