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PenDAP- Drug/Alcohol Services

About PenDAP

Peninsula Drug and Alcohol Program (PenDAP) offers services to help people who are having problems because of their alcohol and/or drug use.

Contact ACCESS on 1300 665 781 or Fax 03 9787 9954

We provide services to individuals, families and local communities. Some services are youth and koori specific.

Services include:

  • Counselling
  • Non-residential withdrawal – at home and in the community
  • Support after withdrawal – relapse prevention
  • Community Education – to schools and community agencies
  • Forensic Services – where people have legal problems and drug or alcohol use
  • Drink & Drug Drive – for people who want to regain their license
  • Youth Services – including outreach and counselling
  • Needle Syringe Program (NSP) – for injecting drug users. We provide safe injecting equipment, referral and information. Phone 9781 1622. Mobile outreach operates 7 nights a week and all day weekends. Phone 1800 642 287

Support groups include:

Caution with Cannabis – information and discussion about cannabis and its effects

Rosebud Recovery – an educational support group for people at various stages of change

Drink/Drug Drive – for people who are required by law to undergo assessment education programs and/or counseling for alcohol/drug drive penalties

REDD Alert – for drink drivers who have accumulated 3 or more drink driving offences

SMART – a self help group for people recovering from alcohol and drug use

Get Ready – for people contemplating change to their alcohol and drug use

Who can use the service?

Anyone aged over 12 years who is having problems because of their drug and/or alcohol use

Where is the service available?

Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula (Rosebud and Hastings)

How to access this service

Contact ACCESS on 1300 665 781 or Fax 03 9787 9954


  • Most services are free
  • Drink Drive Program – there is a charge for this program

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