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Temporary Helipad FAQs

Q: How often will the helipad be used?
A: On average the helipad is used less than once a week. In 2011 the helipad was used 48 times over the 12 month period.

Q: How much noise will be made by the helicopters?
A: The level of noise made by a landing helicopter varies depending on the weather conditions in which it lands. When the permanent helipad is in use at Frankston Hospital it lands next to the Maternity Ward with no disturbance to the ward. We expect that this will be the same for the residents and surrounding areas of the temporary helipad.

Q: Who else will be using the helipad?
A: The helipad is the property of Ambulance Victoria and its primary function will be to facilitate the landings of the Air Ambulances and transfer critical patients. However, if the helipad is also required by any of the other Victorian Emergency Services during their operations the helipad will be made available to them.

Q: Will my club have to stop its football/soccer/cricket game if a helicopter needs to land?
A: Due to the infrequent nature of the landings it is highly unlikely that this will occur.
If it does, Air Ambulance Victoria guidelines require any sporting event that is taking place where the helicopter will be required to fly over and land cease until the helicopter has landed. During the landing and take-off players and spectators should be located at the opposite end of the field to the helipad. During the landing and take-off there will be significant wind turbulence and potentially dust. Air Ambulance Victoria advises that all loose objects are secured and away from the helipad landing site and out of the flight path (generally into the wind) on the event that there is a landing or take off. Resumption of play may commence only once the okay has been given from the Pilot in Command that day.

Q: Why is the helipad being moved in the first place and how long will it be at Delacombe Park?
A: The helipad is being moved due to the construction of a 568 space multi-storey car park at Frankston Hospital on the existing visitor car park and helipad site. The temporary helipad will be located at Delacombe Park for a maximum period of 12 months whilst the first half of the car park is being built. Once the first half of the car park has been completed the helipad will return to Frankston Hospital and will be located on the roof of the new structure.

Q: Why Delacombe Park?
A:  Delacombe Park was chosen as the site of the temporary helipad as it was the best available site that was within a close proximity to Frankston Hospital, has good road access and the necessary space required for a helicopter to land

Q: Whose decision was it to move the helipad to Delacombe Park?
A: The decision that Delacombe Park was the best location for the temporary helipad site was a joint decision between Frankston City Council, the Air Ambulance division of Ambulance Victoria and Peninsula Health.

Q: Where in Delacombe Park will the helipad be located?
A: The helipad will be located directly behind the Frankston South Recreation Centre in between the soccer and football fields.

Q: What sort of safety precautions will be put in place?
A: The helipad area itself will be clearly marked and signage will be in place to caution park users of the hazards involved with helicopter landings. Security will also be deployed as necessary to advise members of the public if there is likely to be a large amount of people in the area during a helicopter landing.

Q: What sort of construction will happen to make the helipad?
A: Only minor work will be undertaken to create the helipad area. These works include the addition of lighting, fencing and signage and an access road.

Q: Will I be disrupted by the sirens of the ambulances that meet the helicopters?
A: The ambulances will not use sirens unless there is an extreme emergency – these are rare.

Q: Which patients are transferred by the helicopters?
A: The helipad used to transport critical patients and seriously ill babies to city hospitals as well as for transfers to the Frankston Hospital Emergency Department from other areas of the Mornington Peninsula.

Q: Will the holiday season mean more landings due to the increased number of people on the Mornington Peninsula?
A: Ambulance Victoria and Peninsula Health data shows that the increased number of people on the Mornington Peninsula during the holiday season does not impact on the number of landings.

Q: I’m not happy about this who can I speak to?
A: The Frankston City Council Customer Service Team is happy to take on board any concerns you may have about the temporary relocation of the helipad. They can be contacted on 1300 322 322.

Q: I would like some more information on the relocation of the helipad. Who can I speak to?
A: For any further information you may require you can contact Heather Murray, Peninsula Health Project Worker on 0407 328 920 or the Frankston City Council Customer Service Team on 1300 322 322.