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Patient Confidentiality

About Patient Confidentiality

Our core values – service, integrity, compassion, respect and excellence – assist in ensuring your personal information is handled in a confidential, secure and appropriate manner.

When you become a patient of Peninsula Health, a record is made containing your name, address, contact details, your condition and the outcomes of treatment. Every time you attend a service that is part of Peninsula Health, new information is added to your records. This information helps in planning your care and treatment, ensures quick identification of treatments that are likely to be safe and effective, reduces the likelihood of repeating tests that you have already had and assists with continuity of care.

This information is protected through a number of laws written to protect the confidentiality of a patient’s health care information and to allow the gathering of important health care information that will facilitate improvements to our health care system.

Peninsula Health adheres to the Information Privacy and Health Records Act which are designed to protect personal information.

Download a copy of Privacy Statement (179 KB).

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI), patients are generally entitled to information contained in medical records. However, all information which identifies any other person or discloses their address may be deleted.

For further details about FOI, download the ‘What happens to your information?’ pdf (193KB) brochure or contact the FOI Officer on (03) 9784 7624.