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Information for DVA Patients

image  3We offer some special benefits for Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) card holders.

Benefits include free telephone, television and newspapers and an extensive menu choice.

A Veterans’ Liaison Officer (VLO) will be available to you to ensure that all your care needs are met.

The VLO is able to:

  • Act as a single point of contact for DVA patients, their families and carers, ex-service organisations and the DVA with particular regard to the resolution of concerns and problems
  • Arrange pre-admission and discharge planning support so there’s a minimum of fuss
  • Assist in the coordination and streamlining of hospital care
  • Arrange referral you to appropriate services and resources
  • Coordinate DVA client visiting and information services in conjunction with service organisations

The Health Service is working towards having VLOs available across all its main sites.

As a DVA card holder, you are provided with the most appropriate care and support that you need during your entire stay with us.

You will receive:

  • access to best specialist care in the safety of a large teaching hospital
  • comprehensive admission and discharge planning, as well as
  • access to a range of hospital, rehabilitation and home based services

Types of Accommodation

Under an agreement with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, eligible veterans and war widows are admitted to shared room accommodation, unless the medical condition requires single room facilities (in service areas which offer single room facilities).

Transport to and from Hospital

Some veteran patients are eligible to have transport arranged for them through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

See further information below for contact details.

Further Information

For further information regarding veteran admission to hospital, you can

  • Visit the DVA website
  • Contact the DVA on 133 254
  • Contact the local Veterans Affairs Network Offices on 1300 551 918
  • Speak to our Veterans’ Liaison Officer on (03) 9784 8570